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   Maine Motor Sports


4-Wheeling / ATV

Bring along your 4-wheeler and enjoy the miles of ITS wooded trails. The trails are easily accessed from our camps & campground.

Havn't traveled the Maine ITS wooded trails before? Not to worry, our Master Maine Guide Darren Dunnells can provide you with the information you need.




Our camps have handy access to hundreds of miles of some of the best groomed trails in Maine. We take great pride in our winter motor sports so that everybody can enjoy them. Enjoy the sights and sounds which can only be seen and heard while on a snowsled.

While on snowmobiling excursions, it is always handy to bring your cross country skis or snowshoes. With the help of these tools, and your snowmobile, you can enjoy the wonder and beauty of the Northern Maine Woods just after a recent snow-fall.