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   Hunting & Fishing



Northern Maine is known for larger whitetail deer with trophy racks. Hunting these beauties is not an easy task; large cedar swamps and thick forests make the task very challenging, however, is also makes tagging a big buck extremely rewarding.

Northern Maine is also home to one of the largest populations of black bear in the United States. Hunting is done over active tree stands or with the use of dogs.

Moose hunting is done by permit only.




Fish St. Froid Lake; it's crystal clear waters with sheltered inlets and coves house some of the finest fish in Maine. Bring home a beautiful brook trout, salmon, togue or even a whitefish for dinner. Two miles up the road from the great fishing on St. Froid Lake, is more great fishing on Eagle Lake, where you are sure to catch more beautiful fish.

You can also try ice fishing in northern maine. Experiencing the thrill of catching a salmon or togue through a hole in the ice is something you, and your family, will never forget.